Monday, February 9, 2009

I Dreamed Of Chickens and Spring

There is something so blessed about waking from a dream that is not troubling. Most often, my dreams are filled with wavy watercolor images of the problems and stresses of waking life.

This morning I woke at 6 am from a dream so simple and sweet it has left a happy mark on my day.

I simply dreamed of chickens in the spring. They were scratching and clucking and making their contended chicken sounds while a warm spring sun warmed their feathers and the earth.

It is about this time of year that most of us seriously feel the need for winter to be over. Cabin Fever becomes epidemic.

For me, seed catalogs come out, garden plans are sketched, and chick brooders are set up awaiting the arrival of the late February babies. Compost methods are researched, goat pens discussed, and I feed myself off the blogs and books written by other people with the same love of homesteading, both urban and rural.

But as I busy myself with plans for the future of my backyard farm, and feel a growing urgency for thaw and impatience with the last months of winter, I am reminded by my dream that sometimes the waiting is half the joy. And at times, waiting and dreaming are far better than the real thing ever turns out to be.

These weeks spent in longing and dreaming are part of the whole. Not something to be hurried through. So I will drink them in slowly, savoring the taste of the dream. Without them spring would not be as sweet and welcome as it is.

But still... Just 2 weeks till the baby chicks are here!!!

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