Friday, September 25, 2009

Homework Ate My Blog!

   Looking at Lucy in the photo to the left, I have to smile just a little, because she looks just like I felt today.
I have recently picked up my books and headed back into the big world of academe in an attempt to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. When I started this journey back in June of this year, I was excited! Crisp new text books, number 2 pencils and sturdy new notebooks, the possiblities and excitement of finally embarking on a journey I feel God has led me to, had me nearly floating to and from class and delving into my homework with educational hunger.
   Fast forward to September. My second semester. Things are getting sticky. I actually cried real tears today as I tried to grasp the concepts in my college algebra class. Today was exam day and I felt anything but prepared. I looked outside into the early fall paradise that is my backyard. The chickens were clucking about eggs they had layed, the rabbits were anxious to be let out into the yard. Seeds were ready to harvest and fruit needed to be picked, and the morning sun lay itself so gracefully across the sunflowers. It is my absolute favorite time of year and I feel just like Lucy looks at the thought of missing it in favor of homework that tangles my brain like fishing line.
   It is now, when school is no longer a thing of joy, that I must dig my heels in and stand firm in the knowledge that this is where God wants me to be right now. It would be so easy just to quit. To go back to my world of knitting and crafting, letter writing and farming in my backyard.  Oh I still knit and craft and farm, its just that its relegated to the spaces between classes and weekends.
   I have kept busy in my backyard throughout the summer and I've photo's to prove it! I'll post some of them in the coming days to show you the chokecherry syrup canning day, the new rabbits, and my little chicken girls first eggs!
   For now though, its back to the books!