Friday, October 9, 2009

We Wish You a Merry. . . October?

We usually get our first little skiff of snow by Halloween here in North West Montana. Last night we received several inches! You can see in the photo how the leaves are still green on many of the trees.

While the first snow most assuredly heralds the coming of winter, and October 8th is too soon for such a thing, I cannot deny the beauty of quietly falling snow.

I am blessed to have a streetlight watching over my intersection each night. Besides the obvious saftey of having him around, he provides spectacular light for watching snow fall.

Very late last night, in the middle of this kiss of a snowstorm, I went out to my backyard and tucked the chickens in. I was moved to tears by the peaceful beauty that surrounded me. The glow of the lamp in my kitchen as I stood at the coop looked warm, inviting and safe.

I am so very blessed with my backyard farm. With my hundred year old quarter of a house, and with the family that all lay sleeping safe and warm inside. I am blessed to love and care for my many animals. Chickens, bunnies, dogs and cats, what an amazing gift God has given me.

So to all of my lovely friends, Merry October! I'm not sure wether to carve the pumpkin or bring out the twinkle lights!
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Aunt Jenny said...

WE only got little tiny spittings of snow here friday late afternoon...and then cold and wind....looks like you guys sure got hit though. I remember our first year here..2002 there was a big least a few inches overnight on the second day of October. We loved it, being from Calif. Now we like November snow better..haha.
Stay warm!!