Monday, May 4, 2009

My Daughters First Knitted Baby Blanket

This morning, my daughter M'kayla put the finishing stitches on the baby blanket she has been knitting for her friend Kayla who just had her baby.
She chose the colors purple and black because when Kayla first found out she was pregnant (which seems ages ago but was just 9 months) they were both working at Taco Bell.
I think it turned out fabulous! She chose to crochet scalloped edges to make the blanket look more finished.
I am SO proud of her! She loves to knit, finding it much more relaxing and much easier than crochet. I on the other hand, love to crochet. I like knitting okay... but when I have to do more than knit and purl it makes my brain cry.
For the past month, she and I have been partners in fun, she knitting, me crocheting as we watched gobs of movies, some old, some new and some well worn favorites.
She wants to start next on a baby blanket for her hope chest. I love the idea!
I will find the pattern that she used and post it here in a few days.
I am still in work mode on the vintage feel ripple scrap blanket that I am crocheting. When I finish, I'll post it here as well.
Happy May!!
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Nancy said...

That's a very cute blanket. I'm sure your daughter's friend will always cherish it and use it for all her children.


Darlene said...

Thank you so much! She is so very proud of the achievement. It was nice of you to take the time to comment! God bless you!

lilwedwritinghood said...

Super cute blanket... Im sure you meant the next one was for your aunties baby... and the hope chest was just a cover up.... hehe