Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Art Of Letter Writing

Today I opened my front door to check my mail and found this beautiful letter from my friend Shana in New York. I haven't even opened the letter yet, because the entire presentation is so artfully done and just plain beautiful that I need to just be in its presence for a while, soaking in the peace and vintage feel of the envelope.

Letter writing is a lost art. In the age of electronic communication, we have almost forgotton how to put pen to paper and write with our hands, the feelings of our hearts. I have friends that I write to all over the world. The UK, Germany, France, Sweden and India are all countries I am blessed to visit through the eyes and hearts of the women I have come to know and love. Here in the states, I receive mail from dear friends in Colorado and as the letter above shows, New York.

I also receive letters from Florida, where my friend Vonda lives. Vonda and I have been friends for over 20 years and raised our babies together in the same town before she moved away. In the last several months we have rekindled our relationship through hand written words. It is such an amazing thing to open up the envelope and feel her presence.

Words and paper are not the only thing we exchange. Often little gifts are tucked neatly into the envelopes. Tea bags, books of stamps, post cards and cute stickers find themselves nestled between the pages of the letter as a sweet little suprise for the receiver. Packages are exchanged as well filled with heart felt and well thought out gifts. It is such a pleasure to find special things that you know another woman is going to appreciate.

My friend Cate in the UK and I have developed such a deep friendship and sharing of our joys and heart aches that we do hope to be able to meet one day, whether it be in Wales or in Montana. Her children are precious to me and her friendship vital to my life and walk with Christ. We even opt for the occasional video chat via ICQ.

Shana in New York has chickens just like I do, and we share a love for simple things, for traditional womanhod and of course... for chickens.

There are some great websites out there for anyone who would like to try finding some pen friends. Here are a few of the ones I like:

Penpal International at

Christian Pen Pals at

and Sassociations at

So try it! Pick up a pen and some paper and write a letter. You'll be amazed at how theraputic it is!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm smiling. I'm trying to rev-up my real letter writing correspondence, after being away for too long. And so I'm looking at blogger's Interests, trying to find others who like to write letters.

Found your blog. And find this sweet post. Just what I'm looking for. :-)

When you have time, please take a peek at my blog, which is linked below. Nothing much. Just soft, and pink, and trying to be upbeat in what I write about. :-)

My email addy is on my Sidebar. If you would like to try snail mail with me, you can send an email to my email addy. Saying so, and we can exchange addresses.

Please and thank you, for reading this comment of mine.

Happy May,
'Aunt Amelia'
Aunt Amelia's Attic

Paula said...

Hello Darlene,
I just found your blog through Ruth Ann's forum.

So far, I have enjoyed my visit with you.

I know this is late, and I honestly don't even no if you will ever see this. I really know little about computers/blogs and such. *grin*

Anyway...I saw this post about The Art of Letter writing and thought you might be interested in these sites I "discovered" only yesterday!!! Hmmm....I think Father-God is trying to tell me something.

Here are the addresses:

I hope you enjoy them.

Have a Wonderful Day in our Lord!
Paula who hasn't yet joined Ruth Ann's forum, but plan to.

Darlene said...

Thank you both so much for stopping by. I have been so very blessed by the relationships I have developed through snail mail letter writing.
Paula I am going to check out those websites! Thanks so much for sending them along.
I started a Topic on the Sugarpie Farmhouse forum for anyone who would like to correspond with eachother via snail mail. Many women have responded and I think its a neet way to correspond with someone you know you already have a shared interest with!

Aunt Amelia I loved your blog, it is very soft and pink and pretty! I will email you this weekend with a little intro letter as I would love to correspond with you!

Much love and God Bless to you both,

John Pals said...

letspal maybe you can find penpal